Below are some useful resources for more beekeeping information

logo50x50 Bee City Zoo

logo50x50 SC Beekeeper’s Association

logo50x50 Charleston Community Bee Gardens is “A place for Beekeepers with no place to keep bees.”

logo50x50 Questions about pesticide use and bee kill investigations

logo50x50 Clemson’s voluntary Beehive Mapping Program

logo50x50 Eastern Apicultural Society whose mission Education and Conferences, Master Beekeeper Certification, Honey Bee Research Grants

Bee Purchase Sources

logo50x50 Charleston Community Bee Gardens

logo50x50 Fiddler's Apiary

Planting with Bees

logo50x50 Site Considerations when Planting

logo50x50 Web Soil Survey

logo50x50 Soil Testing

logo50x50 Changing Soil pH

logo50x50 pH affect nutrient availability chart

logo50x50 planting trees correctly

logo50x50 pollinator gardening

logo50x50 hardwood cuttings for propagation

logo50x50 Familiar trees of SC

logo50x50 Ecoregions of SC

logo50x50 SC Hardiness zones interactive map