The Bees:

It is a steady pace, bees are roaring, new bees are humming with orientation flights and Drones are on the hunt. This is when swarming is at an all time high. Swarming generally occurs right before the heavy "honey flow". Drones are fully mature for mating and Queen Cells are hatching, love is in the air. Over-crowded hives need more room so additional equipment should be placed on top of these hives to allow space for brood rearing and honey storage. The honey flow has started when the bees are coming in heavy. This is noticable by the dip that the workers make upon entering the hive entrance. They are carrying in fresh nectar to process into honey.

• Watch for swarms
• Catch the swarms
• Watch for full boxes and keep adding empty boxes
• Have additional equipment ready to house more swarms

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